The eco friendly journey begins...

"I like to envision the whole world as a jigsaw puzzle... if you work on your little part of the jigsaw and know that people all over the world are working on their little bits, that's what will give you hope" - Dr Jane Goodall

The quote above was the starting point of my eco friendly journey. I have always been aware of environmental issues and tried to be as eco friendly as I can (buying cruelty free products, recycling as much as possible etc). In recent months programmes like Blue Planet have brought the threat of plastic to the forefront, audiences saw shocking images such as birds feeding plastic to their young and the frightening rate plastic is filling up our oceans.

Shocked by the recent images and facts it has inspired me to make positive changes to significantly reduce my plastic waste, buy clothes from sustainable sources and cut as many nasty chemicals out of my beauty regime as possible! 

So for now... I'm looking after my bit of the jigsaw… one sustainable step at a time.