Eco beauty switch: Reuseable make-up pads


Eco beauty switch: Reuseable make-up pads

When I found out about reuseable make-up pads my first thought was... why didn't I think to use these before?! 

I bought these pads from Marley's Monsters ( they sell eco-friendly and reuseable beauty, home and baby items. I was drawn to these because of the lemon print (typical stylist!) but looks aside these pads are amazing! They are made of 100% cotton flannel and are soft on my skin. 

My reason for looking for an alternative? Even though I used to buy organic cotton pads I was still creating waste... I calculated that in a year I was using about 1,450 pads; that is a waste of natural resources and ££.

Usability: I use about 1-2 pads per day for cleansing and toning (I wear light coverage makeup and some mascara); on days with a heavier base of make-up 2-3 pads. I've been using the pads for about a month now and I'm really happy with the results. My skin is soft and no stray cotton bits stuck to your face!

Wash/care: To look after/wash the pads I pop them in a netted drawstring bag (see below this one is from the zero waste maker Once I've built up about a weeks worth (10-14 pads) I just add the bag in with my light wash at 30 degrees and they come out lovely and clean! If there are heavy mascara/makeup stains then you will need to use a bit of stain remover on them before adding to a wash. I definitely recommend the drawstring bag as when I first washed some nearly got lost in the drum!

Storage: I store my pads in a glass jar (previously a gift which has cotton wool inside) but any airtight container will do. Make sure pads are dry before storing to ensure they are in top condition before usage.

Durability: If looked after properly reuseable cotton pads will last years which is better for the environment and your wallet!

Overall: Great for your skin, the environment and your wallet!