Soap Bar vs Liquid Soap: Which is better?

So I have done a bit of research into the pros and cons of both soap bars and liquid soaps to answer the question; which is better? I have been using soap bars in the shower for over a year now (which I love!) and I have been wanting to switch to soap bars to wash my hands for sometime but as silly as it might sound… I wasn’t sure if a soap bar would perform as well as liquid. Here are my findings!


Pros of soap bars:

  • Antibacterial soaps are no more effective than regular soap and water for killing disease-causing germs

  • Bar soap tends to be less expensive than antibacterial soap and hand sanitisers

  • A bar of soap will kill all the nasty bacteria but not healthy bacteria on the skin's surface

  • Can easily buy fragrance free bars (better for those with allergies)


  • Soap can be messy, leaving residue

  • Can dry skin if a high PH bar is used however soap contains glycerin which is actually good for dry and sensitive skin

  • When the soap is nearly used up it breaks into small, hard to use pieces

Pros of Liquid soap:

  • Lathers up better than bar soap

  • Can be better at moisturising

  • Easier to store (less mess)

Cons of Liquid soaps:

  • Harder to control the amount used with each wash = more waste

  • Filled with unnecessary chemicals like petroleum and Diethanolamine (DEA) which are harmful to us and our ecosystem

  • Liquid soaps leave a 25% larger carbon footprint. It uses 7 times more energy and carbon emissions and don’t forget the nasty plastic packaging plus the hard to recycle plastic pump.

  • Not as cost effective as bar soap typically in a household of 4-5 people one bottle of liquid soap will last a few weeks. Yet a bar of soap will last twice as long.

  • Fragranced soap can affect those with allergies ( liquid soap without fragrance is harder to find)


Bar soap is overall a better option, if you want to go green, save money, kill germs and be more health conscious then bar soap is the way to go. The only downside I can see from bar soap is it’s sometimes not as moisturising and doesn’t lather up as much as it’s liquid counterpart!

Here’s some great soap companies to check out: