7 steps to an eco friendly wardrobe

  • Re-wear - when buying new clothes think about what they are made from? Will it last? Buying cheap fast fashion clothing often means that clothing is made from cheap materials that aren’t built to last. Less is more when it comes to creating an eco friendly wardrobe. How can items be mixed with other items?

  • Repair - If an item has a hole, stain, imperfection on it then don’t throw it away. Give it some TLC.

  • Recycle - If an item of clothing is beyond wear then recycle! There are thousands of clothes recycling points in the UK and you can find them here! Hold a clothes swap event for friends and family,

  • Re-make - Turn old t-shirts into cleaning rags or fabric shopping bags. Turn old jeans into shorts. For more ideas look here…

  • Reduce - The amount you wash your clothes, hand-wash where possible to preserve clothes and hang clothing out to dry instead of tumble drying.

  • Refuse - Fast fashion, plastic based fabrics such as nylon and polyester and products that aren’t fairly made.

  • Rethink - Changing your attitude to where and how you buy your clothes is key to reshaping the way in which you buy clothing.

Your clothes are you; what you wear makes a statement.